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Movies that inspire you to create a startup

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Many interesting lessons and ideas for business can be acquired through cinema. We want to encourage you to watch movies and get an apprenticeship as an entrepreneur, for this Impulsa has drawn up a list of 5 movies that you cannot miss.

The Social Network tells the story of Mark Zuckrberg who went from being a Harvard student to launching the most important social network in the world. From it you can learn some steps to follow and which not to create a successful startup and because it is based on real events it serves as inspiration.

The pirates of Silicon Valley, deals with the beginnings of the US technological core and the confrontation that followed between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, offering in this documentary information about the Microsoft and Apple foundations. Both are two examples to follow and in which they can be inspired to prosper.

In search of happiness, it is about a story of overcoming in which father and son fight to achieve their dreams, overcoming all the difficulties that were put in their way. This is a clear example of sacrifice that everything entrepreneur must have.

Moneyball: breaking the rules, is about a baseball team that was short of financial resources but the coach looked for an alternative strategy to compete. We can learn such a lesson as the need to be resourceful.

Flash of genius, is about a university professor who designs and creates prototypes for car cleaning and fights for his recognition. As learning can be drawn the importance of creating products and services that provide value to the customer as well as protecting intellectual property.

There are many films that we can find that provide a lesson and learning for entrepreneurs, but you can start with those mentioned above, so we hope they serve as inspiration.


25 de April de 2022

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