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The rise of the EdTech sector in Spain, a way of internationalization towards Latin America

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The digital age has changed the way of teaching completely. Many specialized companies have introduced different solutions based on hardware and software, allowing the enrichment of the teaching process of children, youth and adults.

EdTech can be defined as educational technology or what is the same, it is the pedagogical intellectual space whose object of study is the media and information and communication technologies.

Among the advantages offered by this technology in education, we can highlight the creation of more flexible environments for learning, it breaks down space and time barriers between teachers and students, it facilitates communication skills, it allows creating new possibilities for orientation and Tutoring of students increases student involvement.

Some of the technological services used within EdTech are Artificial Intelligence through platforms that present students with resources for their learning and that serve as a guide, detecting strong and weak points for improvement. We can also use robotics, using robots that allow students to learn how to make and program them. Even using social networks, so that each student creates, learns and discovers learning content.

In recent years and after the health crisis, the EdTech sector skyrocketed its investment, reaching record figures of thousands and billions of euros in different rounds of financing. Spain has the attraction of its language, Spanish as a bridge for the internationalization of many European startups to Latin America.

An example of this is the GoStudent startup that offers private teachers, a personalized study plan, online classes for all subjects and for all ages, school levels, support and reinforcement classes. The Austrian company has expanded to France, Austria, Germany and Spain and seeks to conquer the Latin American market.

This emerging company has obtained in January a round of financing of about 300 million euros and its current value is about 3,000 million. The most requested private classes on its platform in Spain are mathematics and the profile of the student body with the greatest demand is youth, between 13 and 17 years old.

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16 de May de 2022

Kike Fernandez


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