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The Good Goal helps you improve sustainable habits

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Reducing the environmental footprint that we ourselves produce is something very important for many people who are aware of the problems caused by climate change. Sometimes, achieving this is complicated for them and, of course, for companies. As a result of this problem, the original idea of ​​​​creating the startups that we are going to talk about arises.

This startup is called The Good Goal, which emerged from the union of three women during the pandemic. The Good Goal was born with the purpose of promoting the fight against Climate Change by involving people and organizations, helping them to improve their sustainable habits and to know the real impact of their actions. They do it through an app that has a positive impact calculator based on studies from the scientific community and that allows knowing the CO2, water and waste savings generated by users with their actions.

This app, produced in Spain, has some features that make it special when it comes to achieving the aforementioned objective. An example is that it applies motivation and gamification processes -where challenges are not lacking- to achieve tangible results when it comes to being more respectful of the environment. And this is not something simple, since taking people out of their comfort zone is not easy at all due to the acquired habits that we all have.
The main idea of ​​the application is to provide reliable information to users so that they are able to know the impact that their habitual actions have on climate change. There are even advanced options that allow you to monitor CO₂ savings.

The app uses three different ways to reach the set goal. Try to motivate through challenges to create enough confidence to make the change. Change that can even lead to an economic benefit. It also wants the user to be very clear, from the information provided by the app, about the environmental impact of their usual actions. And, in addition, achieve personalized actions with which being more sustainable is a reality.
Ideas as positive as these can be found in many startups throughout the world, since newly created companies have their sights set on the future and for this we cannot forget the global problems of sustainability and the environment.

13 de May de 2022

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