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The creation of audiovisual content, the goal of startups

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Video marketing is an online marketing tool that focuses on the use of audiovisual image to achieve different objectives of the marketing strategy. According to predictions, this sector is going to grow by 37% between now and 2025. According to calculations by YouTube and Oxford Economics, in Spain alone, the creation of content for YouTube represents a market of more than 300 million euros, without neglecting that it offers 21,000 jobs.

In Spain we have the startup VideoGaga that teaches how to create and monetize the creation of audiovisual content for the Internet. At the moment social networks are booming and this has made many teenagers want to dedicate themselves to it in the future. Because of this, VideoGaga intends with the help of industry experts to empower those who want to aspire to rise high in the realm of creating content that is of higher quality and generates interest and income.

This e-learning platform has:

-Influencers and most recognized experts.
-Guided tutorials with clear objectives.
-Homework and final projects
-Recorded and live classes.
-Customized and high quality courses.

And although it may seem easy, making a living from content creation is not, which is why we leave this startup founded by Carlo Velasco and Gustavo Frediani as a reference for anyone who wants to start training. They also obtained a pre-seed round investment from Think Bigger Capital, a leading venture capital company in southern Europe, for an amount of 100,000 euros.

12 de May de 2022

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