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New operations centre of the PISCES VI Submarine in the Canary Islands

Submarino PISCES VI

“The submarine will depart on scientific missions around the planet, combined with activities at a local level in between international missions” claimed Scott Waters, CEO and Founder of PISCES VI.

The south harbour of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has become the operations centre of the PISCES VI submarine, which belongs to the USA homonymous company. This vehicle has a cutting-edge technology for deep diving, a 7.152 feet submersibility, and capacity for four people, including the pilot.

PISCES VI is a private initiative that is created with the purpose of providing oceanic deep diving capacity to the scientific institutions, regardless of them being either public or private. These institutions would not be able to afford that infrastructure and would not have the necessary knowledge otherwise. Together with this scientific purpose, PISCES VI offers, also, the possibility to dive with different purposes—cinematography, tourism, archaeology, and industrial works, among others.

At first, only the territories of China, Japan, France and USA used this type of deep diving submarines for scientific studies, since the cost was very high. But the CEO and founder of PISCES VI, Scott Waters, has chosen the territory of the Canary Islands. This is because they present geological and oceanographical features that result incredibly interesting thanks to being islands of volcanic origin. Moreover, because of being volcanic, the territory has a steep slope from the abyssal plains with a deepness of almost 10,000 feet, which is why Waters saw a unique opportunity to develop diving.
The creator of PISCES VI had the support of Why Tenerife, the Oceanographic Institute of the Canary Islands, the Red CIDE (to seek funding and to connect with other agents) and PROEXCA (to promote the project locally, nationally, and internationally) so that they could kick-off the initiative.
Scott Waters states, “recently, we’ve also joined the ZEC, which is without a doubt a great advantage for the development of our activities for the tax incentives.” What is more, he adds “Tenerife is the operational base, but the submarine presents the great advantage of being portable to every spot around the world by only using a 20 feet (5,9 metres long) container. Just like it is planned, for example, to be done at the end of the year for a scientific mission at Antarctica. Thus, the submarine will depart for scientific missions around the globe combining with activities at a local level between international missions.”

26 de July de 2022

Andrea Expósito Santana


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