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Alliance of Telefónica and BBVA in Leadwind

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Large companies are beginning to look at startups with more time in the market. Telefónica and BBVA have teamed up with the K Fund manager and institutional investors such as Axis-ICO to successfully complete the initial closing of Leadwind, some 140 million euros.

Leadwind is supported by Spanish companies such as Telefónica, BBVA, Global Omnium through Go Hub and the technology company Satec, along with institutional investors such as Axis-ICO, through the Fond ICO Next Tech initiative. The fund seeks deep tech scaleups based on in technologies that will be the enablers of the new business models that arise. Since its launch, they have already contacted 150 companies.

The fund will make investments in Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, Edge Computing, 5G connectivity, blockchain or cloud services, which will enable new business models.

Every day there are more ‘smart money’ that are not limited only to investing money but that contribute their experience and their network of contacts for the benefit of the business. There are different types of VCs depending on the stage (pre-seed to growth) and/or focus (general, thematic).

Impulsa Ventures is the digital entrepreneurship marketplace where we connect startups, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors. In addition to creating startups in our own incubator, we help large companies create their own startups or spin-offs. We assist universities and training centers in the Software as a Service mode to build their own startup incubator.

26 de April de 2022

Kike Fernandez


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