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Podcats that encourage you to create your own startup

ideas to create startup

Podcasts are audio content that can be heard whenever you want and which broadcasts content that can be enriching, of quality and oriented to the topics that interest you. For this reason, Impulsa leaves a list below that will help you locate the best podcasts about business and entrepreneurship.

1. Itnig Podcast: Startup Stories, Iting is about an environment of emerging companies that use technology in a different way and that makes them different. In this podcast you can listen to entrepreneurs who talk about their own experience and about factors that are essential to position the startup
on a prominent site quickly.

2. Pills of Knowledge, in this podcast it informs us and helps us improve aspects of the person so that they can succeed in the world of business and commerce, without eliminating interaction with others. In short, it offers us knowledge so that we can improve relationships and transactions.

3. Podcast LibreMente- The podcast for Entrepreneurs, in this we can listen to entrepreneurs who have already entered this world, and who motivate those who have not yet had the courage to do so. It talks about very current and creative topics.

4. Emprende Aprendindo, in each episode cases of real ventures are analyzed both nationally and worldwide and in each of them there is a person involved in the business sector. This helps to inspire you and thus improve your business.

This time we have simplified the list by focusing on 4 podcasts, but there are many existing ones, and the podcasts are also in English. Now that you know which are some of the best there is no excuse, listen to them and learn to be able to prosper in your business.

26 de April de 2022

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