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Startups look at the fashion sector

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Fashion is one of the sectors that has managed to gain a foothold in the world of startups and within this there are several subsectors. If what interests you is fashion, you have to stay to see the list that Impulsa offers about 3 Spanish startups in that sector.

1. Percentil, ecommerce that is focused on second-hand products, in this you can both sell and buy women’s, children’s, and men’s clothing as well as accessories, shoes, and bags. A way to get rid of what you don’t like or need by offering a second chance. You can buy it for prices up to
85% cheaper.

2. We are knitters, it may be that you like clothes but you like making them yourself even more, for this you can use We are knitters that provides you with knitting packs. This way you will not have to limit yourself to making a simple hat but you will know how far you can go with a simple needle.

3. Chicplace is one of the best Spanish ecommerce portals that you can visit. It has an extensive range of sections such as clothing, jewelry, home, etc.

These are some Spanish startups in the fashion sector, worldwide there are many more that are known, such as Vinted, which is growing like wildfire and which has been bought by the rival startup United Wardrobe. Now you can bet on this type of app to give clothes a second chance, get rid of what you no longer want, buy more cheaply and find things that are no longer available in stores. You can do it on the platforms mentioned above.

27 de April de 2022

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