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The leading cosmetics in the startup world

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Startups have accustomed us to other types of sectors but it is true that they have also reached cosmetics, the beauty industry is one of the categories that has grown the most in terms of consumer goods. For this reason, Impulsa leaves below a list with 4 Spanish startups dedicated to this sector.

1. mid/night 00.00, Offers hair and skin products that are versatile, healthy and effective, aimed at all types of people regardless of gender or age. It has natural formulas and vegan products, all of them made in the country. A series of infallible products for our daily routines.

2. Planthia, through its e-commerce, offers products and formulas that have natural and high-quality ingredients, are also 100% vegan and have recyclable packaging, all without forgetting that they also have completely sustainable shipments at their disposal. .

3. Boxsr, it is a cosmetic brand focused on men for their body-mind care, it has premium routines and a test to detect which are the products that best fit according to your skin, therefore we can say that they are made custom routines.

4. Gotes Essentials, this brand markets products that have been made from 100% pure, natural and ecological oils. It also gives you the option to take a test to find your perfect oil, which will only take 2 minutes to do. Oils can be used for different purposes such as regenerating,
nourish the skin or heal.

There are more and more cosmetic brands that are concerned about the environment and sustainability, so they seek to create innovative and respectful products, these are some of them. Now you can try them and verify the mentioned.

28 de April de 2022

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