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Four benchmark tourism startups in Spain

spanish startups

The OMT annually chooses the best tourism startups worldwide, taking into account a series of elements that are valued by experts in innovation. Spain has 22 startups that are among the top 100. Then Pulse Plasma 4 of them.

1. HiGuests, is a company that manages luxury properties for short-term rental and does so through various portals such as Airbnb or Booking. It aims to combine the service and comfort that a hotel can provide with the privacy and comfort of an apartment.

2. Necsum Trison, is a digital art and entertainment studio that creates, conceptualizes, designs and executes experiences that are magical and do so through technology. All this with the aim of making visitors enjoy and surprise.

3. Val de Pas, it is a company from Cantabria that rents bicycles to enjoy the greenway of the pas and other places in Cantabria, they have electric bikes and scooters in addition to conventional bikes. But the surprising thing is that they create inclusive tourist packages with which they can enjoy nature
without any limit.

4. WeFish, is a sport fishing app, it plans your outings, allows you to save and share catches, weather forecasts and even offers the possibility of entering a material trading market. Undoubtedly a great app for fishing lovers.

These are some of the 22 that are in the top 100 and are the clear example that Not everything has been invented in this sector yet, so it can serve as motivation to those who consider a proposal to invest.

29 de April de 2022

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