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Cinesma, the startup that is revolutionizing the independent film market


The growth rate of emerging companies is becoming more remarkable due to the potential, creativity and entrepreneurial values ​​that can be used to launch a startup, with the aim of strengthening the technology sector.
The world of startups continues to evolve and is also entering the film industry, specifically the independent film market is being revolutionized with the startup Cinesma.

This is a startup that is taking control of the market for independent movie clips. Professional profiles such as producers, distributors, investors, etc… accumulate on its platform and offer an opportunity for online offers to be specified and closed, thus saving time for those interested.

Cinesma is responsible for covering the market for independent film exploitation rights worldwide, facilitating investment in audiovisual products, as well as their own distribution and marketing. Thanks to the platform, professionals in the film world can find out about film financing,
co-productions or the possibility of obtaining tax incentives.

The cinematographic field will be able to grow more and more in Spain thanks to the work and effort carried out by Cinesma, thanks to the ability to attract investors who are increasingly interested in this startup. Beyond this, due to the growth it represents and the contribution it makes to the country, Cinesma is increasingly recognized as a newly created company capable of adding value to the Spanish economic system.

2 de May de 2022

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