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Startups that revolutionize the design of your home


Currently, architecture and interior design are already within the era of digitization, more and more companies allow you to make your purchases with a click of a button, which is why Impulsa leaves below 4 startups that have revolutionized the home in the country.

1. Designable, this startup works with buildings, first looking for a good location and the neighbors who will live in it and then adapting the project to their needs and tastes, the clients themselves can choose the distribution and style. In addition they also seek sustainability by using materials that do not harm the environment, these buildings also generate their own solar energy.

2. Decotherapy, this company is dedicated to interior design and leaves aside the taboo that it is expensive since it carries out projects adapting to both different styles and budgets. But this is not the strong point, but rather the services it offers since, in addition to what has been mentioned, they also carry out the management of the entire purchase of furniture, delivery, logistics and assembly, giving their clients the opportunity to finance in installments to pay in various quantities.

3. Hannun, this startup is dedicated to selling furniture that is made from wood and handmade by artisans, with their own design. They are committed to a sustainable production model that respects the environment and society, which can be demonstrated by the certificates they hold, for example FSC, PEFC, PETA, etc.

4. Cubicup, this company personalizes and modernizes the reform sector. It is formed by a team that includes a series of professionals with the same vision. With an online calculator, clients can obtain the approximate budget for their reform, from there the team begins to work with a closed budget, if they do not finish in the expected time they will return the money.

This has been our selection but there are many more startups that are also interesting, such as Rentchester or Cubro. Now that you know them, there is no excuse not to resort to them.

3 de May de 2022

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