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Five things to look for when looking for an investor for your startup

At any time in the life of your business you will need financing, for this we are going to give you some keys.

• Is it from your sector?

Is it an investor in your sector? That is, do you usually invest in the type of companies that your startup is included in?
Remember that the one that covers a lot, squeezes little, so it may be convenient for you to only approach investors who are putting money in your sector. For three reasons:
1) To refine the search, if he does not usually invest in companies like yours, it will be indifferent to him.
2) To save you time, and thus avoid bothering you knowing that it is not your sector.
3) To save time, if you know that it is not your sector, do not waste hours in front of a person who is not interested in anything.

• What is your portfolio?

What startups has this investor already put money into? Have you checked his portfolio?
This information is very important, since it will provide the number of investments, the amount you have dedicated to each of these, and lastly, and very importantly, have you invested in the competition?

Do you have exits?

The ultimate goal of an investor is not to put money into a company, but to get it out some time after it has been invested.

Therefore, its number of exits can give you some clues:
-Clinical eye, this number can give you some clue of the good or bad eye that investor has.
-Money in cash, if you have recently made exits, it may be that you have cash to invest.

• In what stages do you invest?

What phase are you in? How much money do you need? In short, what type of investor do you need at this time?
Because not all are worth at any time, far from it, since each investor has its phases. Some will help you with seed capital, others when you have users, others when you invoice, others when you are profitable, others when you need to make an aggressive expansion… Therefore, try to make sure that you go to the right one at all times.

• Who else do you usually invest with?

If you look at the financing rounds that usually take place in Spain, you will see that many investors go together. And not just because they both have money.
Bearing in mind that our ecosystem is still fairly small, trust among investors in our country is quite common. For this reason, you should also see with which other investors the investor you want to target usually puts money.

8 de April de 2022

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