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How to make an Investor Deck

The Investor Deck is the first contact that an investor has about your company, which is very important since there is no second chance to make a good impression.

A venture capital fund in Spain receives about 120 projects per month, which makes it necessary to create an attractive deck for investors.

Well, today we are going to give you some tips to improve the structure of your Investor Deck.

1- Cover
It should be as clean and visual as possible, including the name and logo of the startup, describing what the company does and the date the document was updated.

2- Problem
We have to describe the problem that your target client has, being able to specify the niche you are targeting because you have detected that in that segment of the market the problem is more pressing.
It is also very important to quantify the problem.

3- Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Why does your solution best solve the problem?
A good time to talk about the technology, the product (but without going into much detail, that’s what the annexes are for)

The important thing is not only to be at the right time, but to maintain it, the best way to know if it is a good time is by talking to and understanding your clients, other ways may be to receive public funding, hire a key employee, etc.

5- Market Size
In the deck you also have to show if it is big enough or if it is going to grow enough, this is perhaps one of the most important slides and the one that causes the greatest rejection in investors.
Start by quantifying the market in which you operate and then your growth plan for other markets, making it clear that you have a focus.

A photo is recommended for each key position, logos of the companies you have worked for, relevant universities, milestones achieved, a brief line of each and the link to their LinkedIn profiles.

7- Business Model
How do you earn money?
Indicate in your investor deck what percentage of income comes from each model in case you have several business models.

8- Go to Market
How do you attract and retain customers?

We are going to divide this slide depending on the business model:

B2C: Traffic, Channels, conversion funnels, CPC, CPL, CPA, etc.
B2B: How many leads do you generate per month, what channels do they come from, conversion rates by stages in your funnel, etc.

It is highly recommended for B2B companies to include the client pipeline as an annex to your investor deck and how much these clients could generate.

The company has to be able to create barriers that make it stay in the long term, giving reasons why your solution/product is better for the market niche you are focusing on and why your company is the best of all.
You must also describe and explain at least one unfair advantage that makes you better than your competition.

We have to show signs of good health in the company such as traction, retention, etc.
We will use the following indicators with graphs in the best possible visual way:
-KPI’s: number of clients, MRR, churn, retention, burn rate, runway, etc.
-Financial metrics: GMV, gross margin, billing, etc.

11- Units Economics
It is a profitability indicator that measures the relationship between the margin provided by a unit of sale with respect to the acquisition costs of said sale.
The first thing is to identify the base unit, which will be the subscribers, the second the customer acquisition costs (CAC) and finally the value that a subscriber will bring us throughout its life cycle (CLV).

CLV/CAC= represents that for each Euro invested in customer acquisition, you obtain X Euros of margin.

12- Road Map
Here you must explain what is going to be achieved at different levels.

13- Investment Size & Use of Funds
Describe the size of the round and destinations of the funds with a pie chart, how many months of cash you get with the round and what milestones you are going to achieve with the round.

14- Why should you Invest in this Startup?
Summarize the reasons why this company is going to be the winner in this industry and why the investor should invest in it.

15- Contact details
Finally, a clean slide that contains the contact details of the CEO, company logo and company name.
You could include a link to the CEO’s calendar to schedule a meeting directly with him.



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